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Om Collin

Hvad er din basketmæssige baggrund?
My name is Collin and I have played basketball since I was 15 years old. Originally I am a former semi-professional football player, but chose to switch sports after I left Berlin and moved to Copenhagen. Here, I started mentoring my two little brothers as basketball players and the oldest of the two is now on his way becoming a professional players

Hvad er din beskæftigelse udover BørneBasketFonden?
I am mainly active as a student of the Copenhagen Business School. I have coached the under 19 year olds in Falcon for the past 3 years and on an on-and-off basis the u17/u15 teams.

Hvad er din motivation for at arbejde for BørneBasketFonden?
I love to coach the youth in that specific age, since I firmly believe I can leave an impact in those live stages and help mentor these young minds. Having begun the job out of pure necessity for a job, I know love every second of it and am very happy to have started this journey.

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Mere om Collin

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